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First Family Photoshoot

As a former photographer, I always enjoyed doing family sessions for others. I know too often we get lax about getting professional photos taken since we all have cameras built into our phones now. But I find moms in particular only have selfies of themselves with their kids if they don't go out and do shoots.

Well I knew this would be the case for myself one day, and I just hoped I'd finally be in a position to actually be able to have a family of my own and do so. Our first family photoshoot meant a lot to me. I spent years of our infertility journey watching other families' kids grow up, to have them come back year after year for photos with still no child of my own. Finally it was my turn.

Our maternity photographer was doing a Valentine's special of mini sessions and I jumped at the chance for just a small collection of pics. She is so generous with her time and does a beautiful job and I couldn't be more grateful for these memories.

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