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Pains & Rashes

6th week is here and anxieties and fears are still running rampant. Unfortunately, this part of pregnancy after infertility is something I don’t think anyone could have adequately prepared me for. In the past, I would have perhaps even scoffed at the thought of being anything but grateful following a positive pregnancy test. And grateful I am, but early pregnancy also comes with many other less desirable feelings and emotions.

Today I should be filming my 6 week bumpdate for my vlog, but it’s already 3pm and for whatever reason I still haven’t brought myself to do it. I know a lot of my procrastination is rooted in fear. It is as though I refuse to acknowledge this pregnancy until I have been given unequivocal proof of its existence. That proof will never come, because nothing is certain in this life, and I know that. But yet I continue to guard my heart.

Part of why I am so guarded this week in particular is because in the last few days I’ve had some less than ideal symptoms.


Now if you are going through IVF or IUI and are put on Progesterone in Oil (PIO) shots, know that there is a strong possibility of you developing a rash from the sesame oil it is suspended in. This is “muscle fatigue” as some people like to call it, where you begin to develop itchy and bumpy rashes around the injection sites. Apparently this is common, and does not threaten the pregnancy in any way shape or form, but I am still very fearful and on edge. We’ve always suspected that immune factors were at play and so having an immune response of any kind, even localized, sent me into a panic. My RE is trying to get me a prescription for it in olive oil instead, so here’s hoping that helps. In the meantime I’m on Benedryl which is supposedly safe in pregnancy, but adds to the fatigue for sure.


Ugh ugh ugh… as if I don’t have enough to worry about, now I’m left with my head spinning wondering what this could mean. Some possibilities:

  1. ECTOPIC PREGNANCY – where the embryo implants outside of the uterus

  2. ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN – due to uterus and body stretching to make room for baby

  3. COMBO – stretching in early pregnancy combined with former left labral tear injury

  4. CONSTIPATION/GAS – not even sure if this could be it since it’s sharp, but worth putting in

  5. MISCARRIAGE – ugh… let’s not even go there, but what do I know, it’s possible…

It is sharp and painful but not consistent. Hurts when I lay on my right side, better on my left, best on my back. Activity seems to aggravate it slightly, and although it’s not getting any worse, it also doesn’t seem to be getting much better. No fun, and scary as heck.

So that’s what’s new in week 6. I definitely thought I’d be feeling worse by now, but turns out I feel pretty normal-ish. Today in particular I feel exhausted but that’s mainly because I got very little sleep last night between the pains, having to pee, and anxiety over these new symptoms. Tomorrow is another day and luckily I’ll be adequately distracted going to look at a few more homes before we start to potentially draw up an offer on a home. Wednesday is Ultrasound day and it really can’t come soon enough. I was half tempted to go to emergency last night given my pain and fears… I talked myself down though don’t worry

Fingers crossed the next 43 hours pass quickly and end with fantastic news.

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