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Beta 1 = 192

So yesterday was beta day and the results came in. It was a long day of waiting, and following up, and waiting, but eventually I got an email from my clinic telling me the results were “positive” (which I was assuming) and that the HCG was 192. My progesterone was in the 50s which was also reassuring. So it was good news.

I had hoped my beta number at 11dp5dt would be a bit higher than it was, but I think that’s just me being greedy wanting reassurance. In reality, beta numbers don’t really indicate much, it’s the doubling factor that is more important. So of course now there’s nothing to do but wait until Thursday (Dec 29) to get my repeat blood work and see if the pregnancy appears to be viable. In the meantime I had to google beta numbers for reassurance and found an excellent reference HERE if you’re interested.

Given my current beta of 192, I should hope for anything above 300 on Thursday. They want to see a doubling every 48-72 hours (or 60% minimum increase in 48 hrs). So ideally I’d feel best if we saw the number around 384 but I have to be realistic and know that anything over 300 should still be an indication of success. I know myself though, and know that I’m a high achieving perfectionist, so if it doesn’t double or more, I know I’ll read into it unnecessarily.

It doesn’t help that I had really bad cramping last night that woke me out of a dead sleep. Of course it’s 4am and I’m freaking out that I’m miscarrying or something because they were intense. Good ole Google for the win though… apparently it’s “normal” as long as there is no bleeding which luckily there isn’t… at least for now. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

Today I feel okay. I’m not nearly as stressed as I was yesterday and definitely feeling hopeful that this pregnancy will turn into a beautiful baby (or two…. or three). Based on my beta numbers I’d guess 1, but I’ve also read many forums indicating that beta numbers mean very little regarding how many are in there. Who knows, and only time will tell.

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