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Guys… GUYS… it happened. I finally got my BFP!!! What!?!?! Never have I ever been blessed to see a second line. Not once in my life, and certainly not once in our 5 years actively TTC (trying to conceive). Shocking and exciting and nerve wracking and so many other things!

Check out our reactions and us sharing the long awaited news with family and friends below:

I had definitely been losing hope, and I think part of me simply couldn’t believe we’d ever get our happy ending after being disappointed time and time again. But on the flip side, perhaps that was just my way of guarding my heart. We protect ourselves the best we can I suppose.

Anyways, our lines have been getting progressively darker which is encouraging and I’ve been feeling increasingly unwell which is also welcomed as it gives me hope that all is progressing well.

It is obviously VERY early and there is always a risk for a chemical or miscarriage, so we really are trying to take it day by day, but we’ve never once made it this far so that in itself is something to celebrate.

Here’s a rundown of my 2ww symptoms:

Transfer Day

  • Pre-Transfer: constipated but overall good

  • Post-Transfer: very very gassy, bloated, very mild cramping


  • Lightheaded before eating

  • Very mild stretching feeling

  • Still constipated

  • Still a little lightheaded/dizzy, now after eating (in spells)

  • Chocolate spotting (medium heavy) after bm


  • Super gassy and bloated

  • Very dull pinch lower right side

  • boobs mildly tender

  • emotional

  • mild cramps

  • light brown spotting

  • sharp pain in right boob for a minute

  • sharp pain below right boob after for a minute


  • Nauseous dizzy and hot upon waking (very short spell)

  • Dizzy and nauseous while packing

  • Frequent urination (but also increased fluids intake)

  • Nipples/areolas engorged

  • cervix had been low, now high

  • some cramping on/off

4dp5dt (flight from NY to TX)

  • 3am pee

  • Hip pain, pinching in uterus

  • Snapping, electric shock down front of uterus

  • breakout

  • bad cramping


  • mild cramping

  • short wave of nausea

  • increased thirst

  • mild increased urination


  • positive HPT a.m.

  • nausea

  • mild fatigue

  • mild cramping here and there

  • insomnia


  • insomnia/wake to pee

  • nausea

  • mild cramping

  • frequent urination


  • insomnia/wake to pee

  • very hungry upon waking

  • nauseous after eating

  • fatigued (but also up since 3am!)

So there you have it! That’s all for now. Need to go have a nap. Literally. I’ll be back with more thoughts and reflections on all of this shortly! xo

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