Our Infertility Story

This video is outdated, as it was shot prior to our final (and successful) IVF frozen embryo transfer. We will try and come back to do an updated one, but in the meantime, our completed story is below, and feel free to check out our YouTube Channel for additional videos.

Quick rundown of our history:

2012 – Started TTC Spring with temping, opks and timed intercourse

2012 – Fall we became concerned after 6 months of actively trying without results

2012 – Winter our Family Doc prescribed clomid, 3 rounds with no success

2013 – Spring Fertility clinic consultation

2013 – Fall fresh IVF Cycle (Eric in the hospital with appendicitis)

  • Eric’s morphology = >1%

  • 11 follicles, 9 eggs retrieved, 7 mature, 4 fertilized with ICSI

  • transferred 2 day 3

  • didn’t make it to beta, breakthrough bleeding, BFN

2014 – Early Spring FET Cycle

  • transferred remaining 2 frozen blastocysts

  • didn’t make it to beta, breakthrough bleeding, BFN

2015 – Feb Moved to NYC, Consultation with new clinic, new RE, testing

2016 – Late Spring fresh IVF Cycle (Eric loses his job, Olivia is sick with flu)

  • Biopsy shows evidence of endometriosis, Eric’s morphology = 6%

  • Tried intralipids

  • 22 follicles, 22 eggs retrieved, 19 mature, 2 fertilized naturally, 7 fertilized with ICSI

  • transferred 2 day 5 embryos

  • BFN beta

2016 – June Moved to Texas

2016 – Late Fall FET

  • Lupron Depot 3 month injection to reset lining due to Endometriosis

  • Lovenox & Prednisone for MTHFR gene mutation and Immune Issues

  • Transfer in NYC December 16th

  • Positive HPT December 22nd

2017 – Beau William, our miracle baby is born August 19th by C-Section



For past blog posts of our journey in Canada and NYC please visit femmeinfertile.blogspot.com